A tab in the admin and POS showing all the upcoming bookings/reservations, by customer name in chronological order. Right now, the default view makes it challenging because we have to dig around to find the customer right in front of us.
This would give us a quick view of everyone coming in. e.g. "At 2 pm I have Claire for 4 people doing the standard tasting. At 3:15 pm I have Jeff Smith for a group of 5 for tour and tasting". It's also helpful when someone shows up at the wrong time, we can quickly scan the list and find them, even if they're the next day.
An important additional benefit is that all customers would show up even if a time slot had been deleted from the schedule or an experience had been completely removed. Just because it's removed with the time slots deleted, it doesn't mean the person doesn't still expect to show up.
Another consideration for timeslots that were deleted or experiences that no longer exist, is that the reminders need to continue to go out.