This feature would allow a merchant to change the pricing of an experience based on time of day and/or seasonality.
Not all times of the day or week are created equal. Monday afternoons may not be as valuable as Fridays and Saturdays in the evening. This feature would allow you to add a price override for any given time slot(s). e.g. If an experience is normally $30, you could add +15$ to a singular or multiple time slots to make the price $45 for those particular time slots.
Any experience can have different prices at different times of the year. e.g. An event ticket can cost $50 in January (low season) but $70 in June (high season). Maybe even cost $50 on December 23 but $70 on December 25.
While we could design and develop one action to strategically change prices for larger periods of time, we might also consider creating another admin action where certain days/times are tagged as "high season" for example.