As a merchant, while I may have some/many bookable events, I want to be able to create an event that doesn't require a booking and may or may not occur just once. For example, I may want to have a food drive that's an all-day event. Although it may happen within a day, showing exact times isn't necessarily relevant (e.g. from 8am - 10pm).
If I have a non-bookable experience at my venue, it can be confusing to customers because it doesn't currently show up on the Experiences calendar, which may lead the customer to believe our venue is closed or nothing is going on.
A non-bookable experience would have all of the same features of a normal bookable experience with the following exceptions:
  • A corresponding Shopify product would not have to be made
  • It is not bookable
  • The "book now" button would be a link to the external event (if URL is provided), or there'd be no link if no URL is provided
  • There would be no variants/prices required
  • There'd need to be an optional URL field (link) that would allow the customer to click through to the external page/site (e.g., Eventbrite, etc.)
  • Reminder emails/texts would not send
Created by Mark Sandeno
December 16, 2021