As a merchant, it can be time-consuming to handle myriad requests from customers who want to reschedule their attendance from their currently booked day/time slot. This feature would allow merchant customers to self-service their rebooking requirements for pre-paid and reservation booking types, as permitted by the merchant, and keep the money in the store. Here are some initial requirements:
As a customer:
  • I want a new day/time for one/all of us within the same experience
  • I want a new day/time for one/all of us to a different experience
As a merchant:
  • I want to allow customers to self-service their transfer booking requirements
  • I want the option to keep the money paid within my store/business so the customer can use it to credit their future booked experience with me.
  • I want to be able to charge a rebooking fee by deducting a certain amount from the credit they are given in the form of a gift card.
Potential features:
  • Customer self-service portal accessed from a link in the Experiences confirmation email
  • Merchant can choose to charge a rebooking fee and deduct it from a gift card amount. The customer would then need to make up the difference when they used the gift card for another experience
  • Merchant can choose to enable/disable this feature
  • Merchant can choose basic limits if this feature is enabled such as "don't allow transfers within X days/hours of scheduled time" etc.
Created by Mark Sandeno
March 8, 2022