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Allow a customer to buy an experience without a day or time attached as a gift for someone else
This would allow a merchant to sell experiences as gifts to be redeemed by anyone their customer wants to gift it to at a time/day that would work for the recipient. Here's a potential user experience flow for the customer and the merchant: Buyer navigates to a particular experience Buyer chooses "buy as a gift" Buyer chooses the quantity (for x people) of the gift Buyer provides the email of the recipient, adds a message, and hits send The Experiences app sends a transactional email to the recipient. "Yay, you've received a free [experience name]. Click here to redeem it. It expires in X days/months/years on X date. (Other fine print?)" Recipient clicks on the CTA in the gift email and lands on the experience page Recipient sees a link that says, "redeem a gift" or "Have a redemption code?" Recipient clicks on that link, which expands to show an input field, and enters the code. Recipient sees some sort of message that lets them know they have the ability to book this experience for free because of the gift. e.g. "Your gift allows you to book X people for free. Please choose a date and time from the availability now" Recipient chooses a day/time and then checks out. Recipient receives confirmation messages and is now in the Experiences system. Of course, additional stuff can be built but the above is essentially an MVP. Buyer could be notified of gift redemption "Your gift has been redeemed!" Merchant could customize the email gift message Recipient could choose to redeem all/some of their gift at once (what if they get more than one booking in their gift?)
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