Hello again,
We have just a couple quick things to tell you about this time.
We fixed one more missed bug related to email customizations and we added a fun little button that lets you know when we've released something new and what we've been working on!
The Email Bandit Returns
Ok remember how last time I talked about how complex our email system was and how I was so glad that it was finally fixed and working probably and we would never disappear your emails again?
Turns out I was right that it's super complex and as luck would have it we missed one more little edge case that was disappearing email customizations. After much double checking and testing, I can now confidently say that we've addressed these customization issues.
Read All About It
In case you haven't noticed, we've been posting updates about our releases. We want to keep you updated on fixes and new features. From now on, when you see a little red badge next to the "Latest Changes" button just like in the picture above, you'll know that there's something exciting for you to check out.
Thanks for reading, that's all for now!
-The Experiences Team