Hello again,
As you can tell we've been busy and busy fixing bugs!
Here's a few updates from the latest release.
We fixed some issues where orders created via the POS were missing the correct line item properties and/or customer. This resulted in a lot of orders getting put in the unassigned order bucket even though they were
created correctly.
We also fixed an issue that was just introduced in the last release where our new "Latest Changes" widget was causing the admin to crash if loaded on mobile or a small screen size.
The Breakdown
Here's a more detailed run down of issues and their corresponding fixes for those interested.
POS Craziness
This one took a while to track down due to the unpredictability in when it occurred. We had a few people reporting POS orders without a customer or unassigned orders even though they were booked through POS correctly. While the issues were very similar they were ultimately two different issues.
We keep some
to customers in our own system so that when orders are created through our app, we can be more performant on linking that customer to the order. Since Shopify limits our use of the API to your shops (as they should), we try to be very careful at how often we use that API so that we're not abusing it. What that means is we need to keep certain data in sync between our system and Shopify. Sometimes things get out of sync and in the case of the missing customers on orders, we were using an out of date Shopify customer ID which Shopify correctly said "Oops, can't find that customer".
This would often occur when a customer that had previous booked an experience in your shop was then deleted from Shopify's side. Our fix for this is to simply use the name and email provided at the time of booking which Shopify can then link up correctly on their side.
So no more missing customers from POS orders.
Invalid Unassigned Orders
This issue came from a subtle difference in how Shopify treats line items vs how our system treats them. Shopify will
line items with the same variant and properties together so that instead of seeing two line items for the same variant, you'll see one line item with the quantity of 2.
Since our
line items
are essentially bookings, we keep them separate so you still see that each line item is 1 booking. What this meant is that when we went to create each of the line items in the Shopify POS cart, we would tell Shopify to update the 4th line item even though it might have collapsed that line item down into just 3. So the Shopify POS said "uhh can't update a 4th line item if there's only 3".
This was a pretty simple fix once we were able to identify exactly what was happening. So from now on those of you that were creating orders in the POS and then having them come up in the unassigned orders window...you'll be happy to know that this has been fixed.
Wrapping up
As you can tell from our last few releases, we've been hard at work fixing some of the annoying bugs that you've been kind enough to point out to us. While bugs are inherently a part of software we want the core of our app to be insanely reliable so while we have a few cool features coming you're way, we've been extra focused on making sure what we have works 100% of the time.
As always reach out with questions or issues using the chat bubble or email us at hello@experiencesapp.com!